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We're turning a
new leaf for the
global textile industry

What we stand for

A New Era

NUVI stands for nouvelle vie — a new way of living where beauty and quality go hand in hand with sustainability and ethics.

Tobacco Nuvi releaf


We’re holistic thinkers, driven to protect and nurture the wellbeing of humans, animals and our ecosystem. All of our materials are vegan and made from natural ingredients.


Trust and transparency are paramount in a circular design model. Which is why we work exclusively with sustainable suppliers in Europe who help us source quality raw materials, reduce transport costs and maintain ethical working standards.


We believe that innovative thinking combined with accessible technologies is the best way of forging materials that inspire magic. With our constant focus on product development, we are confident to meet the needs of both the global industry, and our planet.


We engineer materials for the circular bio-economy. By using natural ingredients and carbon friendly manufacturing processes, NUVI Releaf's footprint is significantly lower than that of genuine and synthetic leather.

Our story

Nina Nuvi releaf

How we started

Originally from Germany, Nina Rössler left her job as an interior product designer to travel and live around the world. She knew her personal beliefs — valuing the planet, people and animals over mass production and profit — did not match how the industry operated. 


While living in Southeast Asia, Nina worked closely with local artisans, studying how to transform the region’s abundant teak leaves into a natural, leather-like material that could be used for accessories and home furnishings. Fueled by inspiration and conviction, her search for sustainable solutions led to creating NUVI Releaf in 2014. As it turned out, teak leaves couldn’t produce the level of durability and refinement Nina wanted for a leather alternative, so she began to develop and refine her own processes within Germany.

This is when her father, Andreas Rössler, joined NUVI. With his extensive engineering background, he revolutionized how to produce this innovative roll-to-roll material at an industrial scale. Allowing us to finally produce a premium vegan leather in a way that could truly impact the planet.

Their combined passion and expertise became the backbone of the NUVI team, allowing us to grow into the world we serve today.

What we’re doing

With nine years of research and development under our plant-based leather belt, NUVI crafts next-gen vegan leather solutions meeting the highest ethical and sustainability standards. Today, based in Germany, we work with versatile tobacco leaves, marble, chalk and more, striking an unprecedented balance between sustainability and technology. The result: an enduring product that meets the needs of conscious consumers, designers and the global industry.

technology Nuvi releaf
Technology Nuvi releaf
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Nina Nuvi releaf

Where we’re going


We are dedicated to creating a brighter, more sustainable future for the planet and all its inhabitants.

Our goal is to foster meaningful change through collaboration with brands, investors and other stakeholders. By working together, we can revolutionize the textile industry and make sustainable materials the new norm. To achieve this vision, we are committed to expanding our production globally, especially in regions that need it the most - offering real solutions to their emerging regulatory requirements.

Until then, we are constantly innovating with the brightest minds in research and development to improve our materials' performance and break into new markets.

As we move forward with the support of a growing team of passionate, forward-thinking team players we can create a brighter, more compassionate future for all. Thank you for joining us on this journey.

The people behind NUVI

Nina Nuvi releaf

Nina Rössler

Co-Founder / Design

Prior to founding NUVI, Nina worked as a designer in both the fashion and interiors industries, gaining extensive experience in material and production techniques.

Andreas Rössler

Co-Founder / Production

For two decades, Andreas was responsible for setting up key industrial scale production lines, including Daimler's second largest Chinese plant... and now he's doing it for NUVI!

andreas roessler nuvi releaf material patententwicklung

Christophe Cappon

Co-Founder / Business Development

In NUVI's early days, Christophe worked with Nina in order to transform Thai teak leaves into a collection of vegan leather yoga accessories - fueling the inspiration for what we are today.

Teamwork makes the dream work

Our team — composed of engineers, advisors and industry experts — guides our thinking, discussions, philosophy, team spirit and can-do-it attitude.

staff johannes (grey background)

Johannes Aschoff
Finance & Controlling

staff melina (grey background)

Melina Bucher
Product & Sustainability


Filipe Ribeiro
Research & Development

george - staff square.png

George Wenzel
Sales & Technical Enablement

staff bettina (grey background)

Bettina Gereth
Fundraising & Risk Management

johannes - staff_edited.jpg

Johannes Benkhoff
Scientific & Technology Advisor

michael - staff_edited.jpg

Michael Bock
Sales & Key Accounts

staff ralph (grey background)

Ralph Beckmann
Textile Manufacturing Advisor

leif - staff.png

Leif Gerling
Corporate & Commercial Law

Untitled design.png

Rosalie Wilmot
Communications & Marketing

max - staff.png

Maximilian Knaus
Patent Attorney


Discover NUVI Materials in Real Life.

Please reach out to receive our sample card and experience our plastic-free innovation first hand.

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